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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A new adventure in lifelong learning

From: Risse, Brian

Good Morning Public Library Sales,

This morning I would like to announce that Ron Stefanski has accepted the position of Executive Director of Sales and Business Development with Ed2Go.  He will be starting in this exciting new role on Monday, July 9th.   While I am saddened to see Ron leave the Public Library organization, I know that he leaves having contributed a great deal to our resurgence.   His commitment to his customers and supporting the larger sales organization played a large role in very solid public library year and the SAM program achieving and exceeding plan.  Most importantly, he  played an even more significant role in insuring  that we are poised to continue down this successful path for years to come.  I want to sincerely thank Ron for all his effort and success with our team, and I wish him nothing but the best in his new role with Ed2Go.

Best Regards,

Brian Risse
Vice President - National Sales Manager, Public Libraries
Cengage Learning | Gale

From:  Ron Stefanski

Yes, as it turns out, the next adventure in lifelong learning is me!  After 8 years at Gale Cengage Learning working with public libraries, I have been recruited to take on a new assignment as executive director for Ed2go, another Cengage Learning company.

This compelling lifelong e-learning solution has become a mainstay for over 2,000 community college, workforce development and continuing education partners across North America. And thanks to the enthusiastic support of so many public libraries, my new assignment will include supporting our ongoing efforts to bring lifelong e-learning solutions to library partners. 

Thanks to John Szabo and his team, the tremendous success of the eCampus initiative at Atlanta Fulton, fueled by Ed2go and other Cengage Learning products makes clear that there are tremendous opportunities ahead to continue building our educational e-solutions for customers across multiple markets.

I am excited that my new role means I can expand my own professional development and lifelong learning goals without leaving Cengage Learning or public libraries behind, both of which have contributed so much to my professional development this past decade. A shout out to all of my treasured colleagues in public libraries, without whom my education and adventures wouldn’t be nearly as complete. Let's continue the march to make a difference in communities, transforming learning and lives.

Paz y Amor!


Ron J. Stefanski
Executive Director, Sales and Business Development
Cengage Learning
27500 Drake Road, Farmington Hills, MI  48331

(o) 1.800.877.4253 x8298 | (m) 248.921.9153  | (f) 248.699.8043  | ron.stefanski@cengage.com | www.gale.cengage.com

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